krzew Winnica Jaspis krzew



The name derrives from the greek word "e;iaspis"e; and means "spotted or speckled stone". Sedimentary rock, compacted, fine-grained, composed of chalcedony and quartz - they are present in varying proportions. It contains various minerals which act as dopants these are: hematite, goethyt, magnetite, manganese, chlorite, actinolite, epidote, zoisyt. iron compounds give jaspers brown, yellow, red or green tint.

Jasper is a variety of chalcedony, sometimeshowever, due to the the granular structure he is treated as an independent group within the quartz group.



Usually in sedimentary rocks as tiny inserts; as filling gaps or in the form of veins and nodules. Is often present in the form of boulders in glacial and alluvial sediments. It is widely spread, sometimes creates large occurrence of a deposit character. Place of occurrence: Mexico, USA, Russia - (Ural and Siberia), China, India. In Poland - Bear Mountain, near Krzeszowic.



Pectoral that the  the High Priest used in the Temple of Jerusalem was decorated with twelve precious stones. Each stone symbolized one of the twelve generations of Israel. Jasper symbolized the tribe of Judah, from which derives Jesus. St. John in the Apocalypse used jasper, as a symbol of Christ-God in Rev 4.3; Rev 21,18-19.