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'Wine Festival im Ostritz' (Germany). The annual October meeting with friends - winemakers from Ostritz.

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1st Festival of Polish Wine - Wrocław 2007.

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    Midst of the festival and Bacchus
    and the Bassarids started
    pressing wine.
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    Presentation of our vineyard.
    Paweł Góźdź presents a jasper
    from which our winery
    has its name.
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    Commitee of journalists evaluates
    the wines submitted to the competition.

Wine and Mead Festival
Castle Grodziec 24-25 Octoer 2007

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    Stall of the winemakers from
    Zielona Góra.
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    Castellan of castle Grodziec,
    Zenon Bernacki (left), talks
    to Leszek Telatyńskim (right)
    organizer of the festival.
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    The mysterious atmosphere
    of castle Grodziec.

3rd Festival of Polish Wine - Zielona Góra 2009.

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    Cellars of the Lubusz Land Museum
    and the guests of the 5th
    Young Zielona Gora Festival.
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    Wines from Georgia and Germany
    in the Palm House.

Interview for the 'Echo of Zlotoryja'

  • 13
    First interview about
    our vineyard
    20.06.2009 r.
  • 15
    Second interview about the vintage
    4.10.2009 r.
  • echo
    The cover of 'Echo of Zlotoryja'
    with an article about us.

Communal harvest 2009
Lwówek Śląski

  • dluzec
    Harvest wreath of Dłużec
  • rusalka
    The cause of our vineyard,
    Dłużec head(wo)man,
    mrs. Ewa Dąbrowska.

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