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After nearly one and a half year of searching, I finally found a descent piece of land. Ideal for a vineyard. Southern exposure, soil IV-V bonit class, pebble-loam, commonly known as rotliegend. Composition of the soil: The composition of the soilare rock fragments, pebbles (sandstone, quartz, basalt), and clay. Humus layer from 0 to 10 cm. In the western part of the vineyard layers of clay is reduced to about 60 cm – rocks is below. The soil reaction is pH 4 (acidic). Slope 0-30 degrees. Total area is 1,305 hectares, from which 1,16 is for vineyard. About 265 m above sea-level. This is the basic data.

I began with planting seedlings of Traminer, Freiminer, GF89-3 Nina Modranka, Nitra, Kaberan (with the purpose of parent plants) at the point where I planned to make terraces. Weed control, liming (4t/ha), deep plowing where possible , accurate surveying, planning of plantings and terraces – is the main work on vineyard. The residential facilities are a caravan and an outhouse. The only means of transport is a Polish Fiat 125p with a trailer (load capacity 400 kg). Tools are hand used. I get electricity from my neighbors and supply myself with water from them, for a fee of course. I got the plants grubbed in the lower part of the plot and began renovating the cellar. Managed to create a kind of a habitat. Season ended in November. Most importantly - I'm not alone since spring. I am accompanied by my dog. His name is, what else, Medok.