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I contacted Mr. Lech Jaworski who is also establishing a vineyard in Miękinia near Wrocław. Through January, February and half of March I drove to Miękinia and helped with the winter cuttings. In return he let me gather osier beds for seedlings for which I am extremely grateful to him. The material of such quality and in such quantity allowed me to move to producing seedlings in spring.

On the turn of March and April I arrive in Dłużec. Paving the plant nursery, fertilizing, digging, black foil.. and in May the nursery is ready. The basement is renovated, equipped with doors with thermal insulation and the ventilation opened. I tried to enlarge it but wasn’t able to do much – the rock layer stopped me. In the gable wall I embed a stone with carved-in dates: 1700 – the year when the basement was constructed (a man from the village saw this date on a rock, but the rock itself was unfortunately lost) and 2003 the year when I founded the vineyard. I made three single row terraces. My daughter formally became the owner of the vineyard. This was notarized in the register. Plants planted in spring 2003 after two growing seasons hold promise for the future. Seedlings dug in autumn rooted exceptionally well. Clamped in the basement, disinfected along with the cuttings dug from the nursery will wait till spring.