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Just like last year I spent January, February and half of March on the vineyard of Mr. Jaworek from where I brought gathered materials for seedling but in a larger variety. This spring I planted seedlings acquired last year from the nursery and planted material from Miękinia and parental bushes. In total there were 1822 cuttings in the nursery, out of them I received 1057 seedlings in the first selection and 284 in the second. The percentage of acceptance is 73,6. It pays off to keep accurate records. Other serious jobs were making a entry to the vineyard of a dirt road (I had to overcome an elevation of about 1,5m), four single row terraces and one and a half double row terrace. To build the terraces I used composted turf taken of a part of the vineyard where there was meadow. I paved and marked the exact mileage of rows. With the spacing of rows 1,9m and bushes 1,5m the planting density is more than 3300 bushes per hectare. The balance of this year is 446 shrubplants planted in the vineyard, 1057 seedlings from the nursery and the soil prepared for planting next year. Not bad.