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This is beginning to be a tradition – January, February and half of March spent on the vineyard in Miękinia. Unfortunately, the material gathered to fill up the rows turned out to be chilled, with the exception of Riesling. I purchased the following seedlings: Dunaj (eng: Danube from Slovakia) – 260 pieces; Regent, Rondo, Grauerburgunder (from Germany) – 500 pieces; Gewurtztraminer (from Miękinia) – 168 pieces. The second major purchase is a garden tractor TZK-4-14 with accessories - tiller, rotary plow, two cultivators and trailer. Spring plantings lasted exceptionally long this year – planted 1,985 seedlings. In total there are more than 2400 plants growing on the vineyard or 2/3 of the planned amount. I had to master field work using the tractor which cost me a few bushes, but without it, farming would be impossible. In autumn I re-limed in a amount of 3 tons per hectare.

After four years I can confirm the accuracy of choosing the location but the suitability of the varieties to the agro-climatic conditions of the vineyard still require about 2-3 years of observation. In autumn I also fenced the vineyard to protect it from wild animals and vermin. In November I made the initial cut forming. I decided to lead the varieties of the vitis vinifera in the form of a two-armed Guyot on a double trunk and the crossbreeds in the form of a so called Hudson River Umbrella (two-armed curtain on a double trunk).

In July I went on a little walk around the vineyard with my daughter. It was after the rain. My attention turned to a stone on which, under the influence of humidity, little ‘veins’ revealed themselves. Could it be an agate? The region around Lwówek Śląski is known for the agates, which are not common in the area around Dłużec. I took the stone to professionals and it turned out to be a uniquely beautiful agate. After a few days two experienced prospectors came to the vineyard and scoured the field. They didn’t find any agates but determined the presence of jaspers. Typical postglacial rock – they said – in which interesting mineral specimens can be found. I ended the season on the 4-th of December.