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I arrived in Dłużec on the first day of spring. There was so much work I didn’t know where to start. In February a storm passed through the village and left a reminder – uprooted trees and a smashed outhouse which I repaired first. The vineyard did not suffer. Typical work – digging winter mounts, pruning and sprinkling; biennial plants require fixed scaffolding; filling up the spaces of the plants which ‘fell out’. 22nd and 23rd of April and 1st and 2nd of May will be remembered in the history of the vineyard. On those days the cold, or should I say frosts, caused a lot of damage. The temperature dropped to -5oC . While the steams may still bear fruit from the spare sockets we cannot lead a sprout strong enough to form a trunk. Most of the plants are on the trunk forming stage. Next year we will have to trim the plants about 2-3 sockets above ground. Purchasing wires, bring materials from the woods (oak and spruce) for poles, peeling, cutting, scorching, digging in, stretching the wires, tying-up plants – work for a month. I planted the Saint Laurent variety (6 rows – 4,8ar) as a promising one. Finished cutting down trees on the road to our estate since we are using the entrance through our neighbors property. Ash proved to be so thick, that I made supporting beams for the roofing of the basement out of them at the sawmill. The linden overturned by the wind will be made into boards for the floor. I began the construction of the roofing in August and finished in November, at least I have a couple extra meters under the roof.

The vineyard came to fruition so I had to start working on the harvest. All the more because my friends from Sokołowiec talked me into presenting my wines in the Polish Wine Festival in Wrocław in November. The wines sent to the festival were Regent and Marechal Foch. In the opinion of sommeliers, out of a total of 150pts in the category of red young wines, Marechal Foch scored 117pts (1st place) and Regent 66pts (2nd place). In the opinion of journalists out of a total of 90pts, Regent scored 65pts (1st place). In July another storm and the vines led in the form of a curtain was overturned. A total of four rows had to be lifted and strengthened by digging in additional poles. The construction on the basement resulted in the vineyard being a little neglected and the autumn works were delayed. Digging up the seedlings, mounding, finishing fencing, piking vine cuttings for seedlings, pre-cutting plants - all this made me finished the season on the 5th of December. The name of the vineyard has been decided. From now on its official name is:

“Jasper Vineyard”