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Richer in experience but poorer in finances we’re still struggling with the matter of vines and wine. Wine has already been made in the previous year but in such tiny quantities that it can be considered in terms of curiosities. This year about 30% of plantings came into regular fruition. It is said about the plants brought into full two-armed Guyot form on double trunks and a curtain form. Plants not yet formed were slightly burdened with fruition; only in order to ensure a harmonious development.

Was this year successful? It is hard to tell as there are no possibility to compare to other vintages and other wineries, but compared to last year it seems to be worse. So in the vineyard as well as in the cellar. The problem is the general acidity in fruits. Only the Regent, Dunkelfelder and Odessan Muskat had an acid content below 10 g/l. The record holders are Marechal Foch (16 g/l) and Gf 89-3 Nina (15,6 g/l) (muskat variety). Due to very modest vinification conditions a bigger part of the fruits was sold. Despite the initial concerns about the possibility of selling, this offer met with great interest. Often the buyers reserve the right to personally harvest the grapes, which as we noticed, provides them with a lot of sensations. Vintage and vinification combined with tasting wines from the gathered varieties proved to be an interesting tourist offer.

We decided to present ourselves on the 3rd Polish Winemaker Convent in Jasło and sent our wines there: Riesling, Regent and Marechal Foch from the 2007 vintage. In November we participated in the 2nd Polish Wine Festival in Wrocław, where the following wines were representing us: Regent 2007 and Pinot Gris 2008. Year 2009 ahead. What will it bring? It’s not known. And that’s what’s most beautiful in vine and wine.