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In the history of the vineyard year 2009 will go down as the year of disasters. Prolonged and heavy rain in May, June and July (total of 311mm) made it difficult, and for some impossible, for some varieties of vinis vinifera (common grape vine) prevented pollination and fruit formation. The inevitable consequence of rainfall and relatively high temperatures was the attack of fungal diseases. Spraying did not bring any effect as they were almost immediately washed away by the rain. Ecological means, based on sulfur and copper that were used successfully so far proved completely ineffective. Another blow came 23rd of July. The hurricane knocked 60% of the vineyard to the ground. In August the winery was a pitiful sight. Nearly naked plants, rows of vines lying on the ground side by side, exuberant weeds – ones spirit could really break. Crop was out of the question, we needed to save what we can. The strong anti-fungal means allowed to control fungal diseases and the sprouts hardened rater good which is promising for their hibernation.

The 2009 vintage had a symbolic character. For comparison: in 2008 we obtained from the Riesling variety about 160l of wine, we sold about 100kg of fruit and 70% of the plantings bared fruit; year 2009 gave 12l of wine. Things weren’t better with the crossbreeds Regent, Sibera, Marechal Foch, Aurora. In November 2008 there was 603l of wine in the cellar, in November 2009 only 50l. In the ‘Silva rerum’ section, subpage ‘Meteo’, there are meteorological observations led on the vineyard during the growing season. There are have also been place meteorological measurements form Moravia (Vinařský Obzor 2008) for comparison. The dependance between rainfall and the amount of crops is clearly seen. Nature teaches humility. The icing on the cake of these woes was the breaking of the cylinder with reinforced, naturally sweet wine of Porto. The cellar was baptized, but was it really necessary to be 20l of wine?

Not to end this year with a pessimistic summary you just have to look into the cellar, where the wines from 2008 present proudly. What better motivation to work on the vines an wine do you need? Off to work!