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Year 2010 – the eighth year in the history of the vineyard. In general, it was good… if it wasn’t for the weather which was like last year. From the SAT (Sum of Active Temperature, for vines sum of temperatures above 10oC) graph it is clearly seen that the vegetation started 20th of April (last year it was 30th of March) and the first frost was on 1st October thus ending vegetation. Such a short growing season, with the SAT of 2292oC (2694oC last year) didn’t help the grapes in achieving full growth. Intense rainfall in the third decade of July and August and low average daily temperatures didn’t help maturing as well. Low levels of sugar in fruits had to be supplemented in order to attain a minimum level of alcohol, that is 11% for white wines and 12% for red wines. This process, called chaptalisation, is acceptable in our climate zone. The high level of acute malic acid was reduced in the so called lactic-apple fermentation process using lactic acid bacteria.

These treatments resulted with the white wines of this year vintage to have a brisk character, fresh with the aromas of fruits such as lime, green apple. White wine from the variety of Riesling has kept its typical, varietal character, although you can feel the ‘green’, immature notes. Very interesting is the rosé wine from the red Regent variety, fermented using the native yeast or the so called wild, which are found on the fruits picked in the vineyard. These, in contrast to the cultured yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae), which are more predictable and ‘controllable’, are a mixture of several, dozen species of yeast can be more fickle, and can cause unpleasant surprises. Their great advantage is that they can produce wine, typical to the vineyard, unique in a manner of speaking. It seems that in the case of this rosé wine we managed to achieve this unique character. Red wines, quite correct and with character unfortunately did not achieve the level of wines from 2008. Well, we took the challenge of growing vines and produce wine from it right here in Lower Silesia, on the Kaczawskie foothills in Dłużec village and we are convinced, that we will succeed and our wines will stop being a curiosity and become typical wines for the Jasper vineyard.